Ewood is a complete pop, soul and rnb artist, immersed in a cosmopolitan musical universe ranging from Michael Jackson to Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder , Mary J Blige and Usher.

He starts playing music at the age of 8 when he sees Michael Jackson on tv...he understands that he wants to be an artist.

The recent loss of a loved one and the long illness that struck him was the most painful ordeal of his life.

He expresses his sorrow in a sublime song called I Don’t Know.

Mental Health Awarness - Fundrising

I Don't Know How I Feel - The Documentary

Mental Health is very important to me and I want to continue to spread awareness about the topic, through a new documentary called I Don't Know How I Feel .

The rise of suicide, depresssion, mental breakdown or burnout, toxic environnements and anxiety are ever-present in our society . It doesn't matter how rich you are or the colour of your skin , whether your male or female, Mental Health is for everybody. In this documentary i will be the narrator; several speakers from different backgrounds, jobs and ages have agreed to share their stories, challenges and experiences with Mental Health.

To be able to complete this documentary project , make a difference and work with a professional Team (technicians, cameraman , sound crew, etc ), i really need the help of the community.
The quality of this documentary has to be professional and fit for broadcast. Your support would mean the world to me, to donate and being part of it

I DON'T KNOW available now EVERYWHERE( Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, etc )

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I Don’t Know World Tour

Are you ready to be entertained? Ewood is a half British and French Singer, Dancer and Actor from London.

Ewood has his own sound, a very unique tone, a true vocalist from Pop to Soul and RnB; he is truly one in a million. He is bringing something new to the music scene; he just released his first single ‘I Don”t know’ and the music video is available on all platforms.

Surrounded by his musicians and his dancers, Ewood is going to invite you through his journey, during which he rose like a phoenix. Introducing to the world his future album with visuals, live music and theatrical performance. You can expect a show of high energy and authenticity from an artist who sings from his heart.

Tour Dates

I Don't Know World Tour 2022

Theatre Peckham 221 Havil St, Camberwell, London SE5 7SD

Friday 29th April 2022

Theatre Peckham 221 Havil St, Camberwell, London SE5 7SD

Saturday 30th April 2022